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The Truck Yard (Dallas)

When you look at the pictures of sparkling downtown Dallas with the Reunion Tower ball & the colorful images of the Omni Hotel, you never think you would find a food truck yard only a few blocks away. With numerous 5 star restaurants to choose from all over Dallas, some of the best food is found here. You get multiple cuisines at a decent price so everyone can find something they will enjoy. This Dallas hidden treasure has a laid back atmosphere mixing eclectic millennial with redneck southern. The only permanent building houses the full bar, the grill making philly cheesesteaks, & the restrooms. The rest of the property is seating ranging from picnic tables to truck beds to an almost tree house. Fire pits are scattered throughout the outside seating to keep thin blooded Southerners warm when the temp drops below 60 degrees.

The front of the building houses the chefs slinging philly cheesesteaks inside & through an outside window facing the street. You can get a cheesesteak brimming with goodies (beef, chicken, or veggies) chopped & grilled right in front of you and a bag of chips for $10. The mouth-watering smell of a grill float out to the bar. Seating out here is booths & long bar top tables seating about 16 people. This area is covered, in case you are worried about the everchanging weather. This is also where you find the not too bad restrooms on the property. I fully expected outhouses or porta-potties.

The outer perimeter of the property is where the real magic happens. The scene is right out of a redneck’s dream of heaven. Food trucks with any variety of delectable fares await hungry folks donning their best flannel shirt, jeans, & boots. The website has a calendar showing which trucks are scheduled or you can show up & be surprised, which is what we do. It’s more fun that way. The prices are always reasonable & we have yet to have gotten something we didn’t thoroughly enjoy scarfing down. There is no fine china or multiple fork silverware set ups here. You are lucky if your food comes with a piece of paper wrapped around it for easy carrying. Eating with your hands is usually a requirement. Heck yea!

The “tree house” seating is topped by a large flat screen tv showing whatever sporting event is on that evening. So if the atmosphere of twinkle lights strung from tree to tree, neon lights from the trucks, & the smell of firewood burning isn’t enough to keep you occupied, you can watch tv.

Another wonderful attribute to eating under the twinkle lights & stars is, like any good redneck, you can feed your dog who is laying at your feet. Most of the property is outside so patrons are encouraged to bring their loyal hound. Fido is not allowed in the bar area, so if you have to use the restroom you better find someone to hold his leash.

If you are looking for something to do on any given evening that isn’t your usual humdrum sit down & be waited on dining experience then you have to give this place a try. Only in Texas y’all!

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