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GREAT SERVICE! listen to everything I asked and made the perfect arrangements. Thanks you.

Renee Wright

Loved using this Agent! Asked me a handful of questions to get to know me! Everything was very professional and Daphne was very caring towards my needs. Will book again

Courtney Palladino

Awesome travel agent!!! She was so friendly and knowledgeable, and took care of everything! I definitely recommend, and will be working with her again!

Devayani McCullough

How I got here!

My journey from the middle of nowhere to right in the middle of it all.

As a kid we didn't take family vacations.  My dad travelled for work and Mom & I stayed home. I grew up in a very small town where my graduating class was 32. At 21 I followed a guy I had been dating off and on in Oklahoma, on a whim, to Louisiana. That relationship didn't last long but it is where I began my 15 year long career in the exciting and insane world of the casino industry. 

I started as a Blackjack dealer & moved my way up pretty quickly. I started opening new properties, which forced me to move pretty often.  Thankfully, by this time I had met & married a man who was more than willing to be dragged all over the country with me. We lived in 6 cities in 3 different states before settling in Dallas, TX.

We planted roots, bought a house, and I am the proud furmom to 3 amazing pit bulls, who are A LOT less scary than the chihuahua that lives next door. Planting roots also made us miss all the new experiences of being in different places all the time, so we started trying to travel as much as time & money would allow.

My 40th birthday brought about a HUGE change. I had a conversation with my best friend about what we would do if we could do any job. My immediate response was a travel writer, without hesitation. A few weeks later she sent me a link to a job listing hiring travel agent trainees. I applied, got hired, & went through extensive training with a reputable brick & mortar travel agency.  I absolutely loved my job and then Covid hit.  My company asked me to reposition into a new role within the company and I said yes since I was not making enough to pay the bills as a travel agent anymore.

Then I did something crazy! I became an independent travel & started this website. Is it a lot of hours working 40 hours at the office & doing this? Yes, yes it is but it is worth it. I love travel and I love making my clients travel dreams come true. 

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